#4.1 Our mind a soundscape, our body a laughable slogan

Article MetropolisM:


We warmly invite you to the opening of Café Chercher season #4.0!

We are happy to announce that this special edition is organized in collaboration with ARIAS (Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Sciences). Together we will toast on a new year of unfinished  art research. Join us for an evening with projects from different disciplines and research institutes in Amsterdam.

Café Chercher # 4.1 
“Our mind a sound scape, our body a laughable slogan”
Tuesday 26th of September 17.00 – 19.30h (soup from 17.00h till 17.30h)
VOX-POP Creative Space (Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam)


/ with Diederik Oostdijk on what the sound of bells evokes in people

/ with Florian Goethe on image practices in public discourses: can we use images as arguments?

/ with Geert Lovink on moneylabs: how are artists going to make a living in the 21st century?

/ with Suzan Tunca on the intuitive dancing body as source for altered states of knowledge

/ with Curdin Tones on hacking culture in a Swiss village

/ with video Clippings by Emily Huurdeman
/ with drinks 
/ with soup
/ with you 

Clipping #4.1 Doubts and questions (by Emily Huurdeman) from Café Chercher Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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The entrance at Café Chercher is still free and there are sponsored drinks thanks to ARIAS. There is soup thanks to the Rietveld Research Group. We are happy to be hosted for a fourth season by VOX-POP UvA Creative Space and we are supported by MA Artistic Research UvA.